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Our Story

When I was a little girl, my toys were everything to me. They each had strong, individual personalities and I just knew they had a spirit inside them, allowing them to look out at me and actively participate in the worlds I created for them. The games I played somehow felt co-created with my silent partners.
Around the age of 7 I was gifted some polymer clay and my love of sculpting was born. This medium unlocked a new level of creative expression for me. Not only could I play with my precious toys, I could now make the toys themselves.
I soon realised that my creations ‘spoke’ to other people and when I received comments such as, “It looks like it’s about to get up and walk away”, I understood that I myself am a bridge between what I always knew about my toys and what others allowed themselves to believe. While observing adults interacting with my creations, I often see long suppressed but treasured beliefs in magic, wonder, faeries and mystical realms come to light once again. For a moment, I glimpse the child within them being validated. I hear that child saying to its adult self, “See? Remember? I told you it was real!”
My hope is that these beings will bring some light-hearted joy and wonder to you.
Perhaps one of them holds a key to unlocking a room inside yourself, long shut up, and I invite you to explore your secret place within once more. The place where your child-self still plays with wild abandon. Who knows what else you will find in there, but I do hope you will share it with me too.
My purpose is to bring through and spread some of the other-worldly magic I connect with into this reality. Welcome to my inner world, the realm of ButtonWings Creations.

Angel Goulter Randall.